/iˈmajən pləs/
A group of people trying to provide technology-based solutions for companies and individuals alike based on their sectoral and professional goals.

Why ImaginePlus?

Because we believe in growing together. Our clients are mostly up and coming companies (we try to avoid the word "startups") that are in need of a professional yet affordable solution.


What We Do.

We don't just make websites and web based applications. We create web solutions, tailor-made sites and applications that perfectly fit with your needs through a group of professionals with diverse backgrounds.


Our Clients

Our clients consists of F&B management companies, health services, health food providers, communities even fashion designers. If you're a company or individual that are open to fresh ideas, or you know, just trying to get your web online (boring!) contact us at hello@imagineplus.co.id

We're Hiring!

100% Remote! Imagine a job that you can do at the local coffee house or cafe, or wherever you are most comfortable and productive. We are a 3-year young web-solution company with a range of innovative online products. We are not your typical company and proud of it! We know that people are happiest and most efficient when they are self managed, and we love that!

BTW, We're hiring for these available positions! If you can read this then you're qualified. If you love challenging tasks send your CV to join@imagineplus.co.id

1. Web Programmer

Qualifications :
  1. Experienced in web, web-apps and database programming
  2. Having ability in PHP & MySQL
  3. Experienced in Laravel Framework
  4. Know how to have fun!

2. Front End Web Developer

Qualifications :
  1. HTML, JS and CSS ninja!
  2. Having a good sense of design
  3. Capable to convert PSD Design to HTML
  4. Responsive-design Minded
  5. Know how to have fun!